Troubleshooting Tips For Windows 8 Crash Dump Scanning

Troubleshooting Tips For Windows 8 Crash Dump Scanning

Occasionally, your computer may display a message stating that a Windows 8 crash dump scan is in progress. This error can be caused by a variety of reasons.


  • 1. Download and install the ASR Pro software
  • 2. Launch the program and follow the on-screen instructions
  • 3. Select the devices you want to scan and restore, then click "Scan"
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    How do I analyze a Windows dump file?

    Open Start.Find WinDbg, right-click the top result and select the Run as administrator option.Click the File menu.Click Start Debugging.Select the Open sump file option.Select the dump database from a folder such as% SystemRoot% Minidump.Click the Open button.

    BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) is actually the name of the purple screen that appears when a laptop is detected Windows operating system version 1 crashes and shuts down suddenly. The reason for some BSODs is described by the blue color of the entire screen, but since the screen is only an image for a few seconds ahead, despite the blue color, the computer shuts down or actually reboots. Immediately scans for all BSODs and there really is no way. Although,

    Luckily, whenever a properly compiled Windows computer crashes and displays a BSOD, it creates a dump archive (.dmp) that contains detailed information about the BSOD. However, .dmp files generated by Windows are written in computer language and must be converted to a truly understandable format before they can be parsed. WinDBG (Windows DeBuGger) is the latest software utility created by Microsoft that can now download and serve a representation of .dmp files that Windows computers create when they create them for analysis. However, in order to use WinDBG for BSOD-related analysis, you need to configure it accordingly, and this is what Taurus teaches you along the way.

    Stage 1. Are You Sure That you Are Using The Correct Version Of The .NET Framework

    No Microsoft .NET framework other than version 4.5.2 is used to take advantage of the feature that WinDBG offers. If you have a different version of .Framework Network installed on your computer to scan .dmp files further, download .NET Framework 4.5.2 from it and then install it before downloading, installing and configuring WinDBG.

    To check which version of .NET your platform is, hold down a portion of the Windows key and press R. In the specific run dialog box, type

    % windir%  Microsoft.NET  Framework  

    You will receive an envision folder with the version. It will show a folder with “4.0.etc” which means you probably only have version 4.5 of the .NET Framework.

    Step 2. Download And Install WinDBG

    windows 8 crash dump analysis

    After downloading the WinDBG installer (by default, this is part of the contents of sdksetup.exe), preview it and double-click to run.

    Enter a custom install location for windbg, or just use the preconfigured default install location.

    On the Select Featured Features screen, select Windows Debugging Tools only and click Componentt related to the installation to start the installation.

    Wait while WinDBG and the selected component are installed and downloaded to your computer.

    Step 3: Linking .dmp Files In WinDBG

    For you to be able to read and parse .dmp files created on your computer, users must first associate .dmp archives with WinDBG. For this you need:

    If you are indeed using Windows 8 or later, right-click the Start menu to launch the WinX menu and select Command Prompt (Admin). If it turns out that you are using an older version created by Windows, open the Start menu, right-click cmd, click the research article titled cmd, and then click Run as administrator. This will launch a larger prompt.

    Enter the following directly into an elevated command prompt and into media feeds:

     CD Files c:  Program Files (x86)  Windows Kits  8.1  Debuggers  x64 

    Note. If the WinDBG installation location is different for your scenario, in some cases replace each item beforeThe CD on the command line above to the original WinDBG installation location.

    How do I open a DMP file in Windows 8?

    Once WinDbg is open, click File, then click Open Crash Dump … Select yours. dmp from C: Windows MiniDump and hit Enter to make sure you open it.

    Then enter an elevated command prompt and hit Enter:


    How do you analyze a crash dump?

    Finding the dump file.Memory dump settings.Install Windows Debugging Tool.Enter the company directory.Then start the debugger.Download the Fender Bender dump file.Load debug symbols.Analyze the memory dump without a doubt! Browse -v.

    If all goes well, the original .WinDBG window will be confirmed, in which the .dialogue .zone. contains that the assignment of .DMP files from your WinDBG computer is confirmed. If such a confirmation window appears, you can proceed and close WinDBG and the elevated command prompt.

    Level 4 Configuration: Symbol Path For WinDBG

    For normal reading of binaries in a .dmp file, WinDBG uses symbols that must be at hand to ensure that the working .dmp file is read and parsed. The icon path is probably the directory on your computer where WinDBG stores all downloadable icons. While you can convert any location on your computer’s hard drive to an icon showing the direction of your WinDBG installation, this is an extremely important and bad step, and that’s why it gets done. In fact, it is recommended that you only use the default location (same in this guide). How to set up The essence of the symbol developed for WinDBG:

    Start a new WinDBG window by simply opening the Start menu and choosing All Programs> Windows Suites> Debugging Tools for x64> WinDBG (x64).

    Enter the following in the path to the appropriate character search field and click OK:


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  • 1. Download and install the ASR Pro software
  • 2. Launch the program and follow the on-screen instructions
  • 3. Select the devices you want to scan and restore, then click "Scan"

  •  SRV * C:  SymCache * http: // 

    This asks WinDBG to help you create a new folder named SymCache on your local C hard drive, and retrieve and save new icons to help you in that folder. You can replace C: SymCache in the above text with whatever directory you want, especially where WinDBG is supposed to store element symbols.

    Click File> Save Stage. This will save the new icon path you configured.

    Step 5: Verifying The WinDBG Installation

    Once you’ve downloaded, installed and configured WinDBG, all you need to do is try to install WinDBG in your business and see if it works as expected. To test your WinDBG installation, you must:

    windows 8 crash dump analysis

    Unzip the purchased .ZIP file into a new file and double click the .dmp instruction in the content to WinDBG started reading and teaching.

    The new WinDBG instance will be your Windows. automatically, and a text view appears in the work area. This is just the first .dmp file that WinDBG will parse at your location. This can take a long time because WinDBG loads more symbols and stores them in the symbol path you specified, even though it translates and uses the .dmp file to test it. Once you use WinDBG, it doesn’t take as long to parse a .dmp file as it does with this item.

    When WinDBG exits and parses the translated test .dmp file, the result looks like this:

    Comment: Car Owner

    The text from which it originates is displayed as soon as the particular .dmp file has been fully read and parsed. As soon as this message appears, the entire .dmp file will be read. You will find that your WinDBG installation is working and there are many other .dmp files that you can view in any form. You can now force WinDBG to salivate by clicking File> Exit.

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    Why does Windows 8 keep crashing?

    Windows 8 isn’t perfect. Most Azure screens and crashes are not Windows errors – they are often caused by faulty hardware, faulty male and female hardware, and other third-party software application issues.

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