Fix Tip Add Folder To All Programs Windows 7 Start Menu

Fix Tip Add Folder To All Programs Windows 7 Start Menu


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  • 2. Launch the program and follow the on-screen instructions
  • 3. Select the devices you want to scan and restore, then click "Scan"
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    Over the past few days, some readers have told us that they came across “Add folders to all programs” in the Windows 7 Start menu. Right-click All Programs.Select “Open”.Double click Programs.On the toolbar, click New Folder.Name the folder.Hit Enter.Move links.

    How to add a program to the Windows Start menu?

    – Go to the Windows start menu. – Click on “All Programs” to expand it. – Right click on our own folder and select Explore to Explore All Users. If you want your program to be added to our own startup for the current user only, select Explore. If you would like the program to be added to this particular launch normally for all users, select Explore All Users.

    By default, the Windows 7 main menu contains several unwanted programs and one special folder, visible at the bottom level, called All Programs. This folder contained a link (or shortcuts) to your current applications,installed on your Ultimate Computer, as well as programs that each person installed independently. But what if you want to create your own Start Menu folders and organize your shortcuts in your own way? Fortunately, Windows 7 allows you to create your own folders right from the Start menu, as we’ll explain in this guide, and as was the case with previous Windows models.

    Add A Folder To A Nice Start Menu In Windows 7

    How do I add a folder to the Start menu?

    To create a new folder, simply drag any tile on top of another tile. These tiles are then grouped into a folder. Then you can apply other tiles to the folder by simply dragging and dropping them into our folder. Once you have tiles in a folder, all you have to do is click on the folder to reveal the concept.


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  • 1. Download and install the ASR Pro software
  • 2. Launch the program and follow the on-screen instructions
  • 3. Select the devices you want to scan and restore, then click "Scan"

  • Follow these steps to create your own directory (or subfolder) in the All Programs folder:

    • Click the start button to open the start menu.
    • Then right click on the All Programs folder below as shown in the screenshot below:
      add folder to all programs start menu windows 7

    • Then Windows 7 opens this important folder in Windows Explorer for your individual profile: this means that all the families that are in this folder and therefore its subfolders are files, folders and therefore shortcuts that you like – in other words, they will appear under your Windows profile, and not necessarily under the account profiles of other users on the same computer.

      Note. If you have already installed the class in Windows 7, remember that you may have an option in the. have seen this installer, which allows “install for all users” – when this setting is used, application policies are displayed not only in the trial menu of the person who installed this software, but also in a special launch menu of all other owners on this PC < / acronym>. For this reason, a copy of the same information appears and possibly the upvc profile folder of different Windows users. The tools that come with Windows 7 make their shortcuts visible to everyone on the Start menu.

    • Now that all program folders are normally open in Windows Explorer, you can work with them as you would any other popular folder. To create a file visible in the All Programs section, double-click the folder with the Programs group: its contents (shortcuts and subfolders) are displayed in the Start menu when you click the All Programs button.
    • To create a new folder in the Start menu (without affecting other Windows users on your computer), fully click the New Folder icon as shown Below:

      Where is the All Programs folder in Windows 7?

      Without a doubt, if you right-click the Windows 7 Start menu, all your family will get is the versatile Open Windows Explorer option, which will positively lead you to browse the libraries. VmTo do this, click Start to open the Start menu, right-click the All Programs option and select Open to access your entire Custom Start Menu home folder.

    • Then re-enter the name or company name for your entry and press Enter to accept it. The directory has been created; double click on one of them to open it and put the cut corners or files of your choice there (and you can create real subfolders for this new startup folder with products).
    • When you’re done, click the Start menu and select All Programs: you will see the file you just added and the highlighting will expand it to display its contents, namely the policies and files that you put in it. a minute ago.

    add folder to all programs start menu windows 7

    This is all the device needs to create a new directory and place it normally on the Windows 7 Start menu.

    Note. You have added only one folder to the menu under your profile, which means that it is not visible to other users on your computer; If you need to create a folder that is visible to almost everyone, check out the following guide to learn how to open the process menu for everyone in Windows 7.

    • Windows 7 Start Menu
    • Where is each Start Menu?
    • Add prStart Menu (Pin Programs)
    • Remove / hide program from startup (disconnect programs)
    • Anchor / add a large page (website) to the specified menu
    • Create a folder and usually add it to the Start menu.
    • Customize the Start Menu: Toggle options and change settings.
    • Show or hide recent programs in the test menu.
    • Allow the start menu to use large bullets or small icons.
    • Hide or show the most important Run command in the Start menu.
    • Show or hide recent files and report from the start menu.
    • Show my start menu (as a button or menu).
    • Add a shortcut for the PC (or other custom folders) to a kind of Start Menu.
    • Display your IE favorites in the Start menu.
    • Show the control panel as a submenu at the beginning or as a menu.
    • Hide standard programs before launch or menu.
    • Hide and add devices and printers to the corresponding menu or Start menu.
    • Hide

    • Show my files in the Start menu (button to open the directory ga / menu for viewing files)
    • Display your games in the Start menu (as a button or as a submenu).
    • Hide games from the start menu.
    • Programs are automatically sorted by name (alphabetically) in the Start menu by
    • Reset Start Menu Options (return to Use Default Settings)
    • Change the function of the power switch.
    • Run the program as administrator (using the start menu or shortcut by right-clicking).
    • Create a complete program shortcut on your desktop (via the First Steps menu)
    • Change the program name on the Start menu (rename shortcuts)
    • Make complete program minimized or fast (with properties of a Start menu shortcut)
    • Open the Start Menu for all users.
    • You can see the location of the Start Menu: open as a folder in Windows Explorer.
    • Windows 7 Tutorial

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    How do I add a shortcut to the Start menu in Windows 7?

    How do I manually add a shortcut to the Start menu? Just right-click the file and select Send to Desktop (Create Shortcut), then drag the shortcut from the desktop to the Start menu. It is unlikely that you will create shortcuts or modify existing files in the program area, except for troubleshooting purposes.

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